Managed Wi-Fi Services

Deliver Fast, Reliable Connectivity to Employees and Guests

As user demands for high-performance wireless access networks continue to rise, and business leaders are seeking to learn more about their customers, companies are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to overcome IT staffing challenges and fully leverage the capabilities in today’s Wi-Fi offerings. With SkiiTech, you can provide the convenience of supercharged productivity of Wi-Fi access at your corporate and public locations without the need for dedicated engineers. Partner with SkiiTech for stress-free Wi-Fi that’s cost-effective, secure, and scalable and will provide you even greater insight into how your customers interact in your environment.

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Modern Wi-Fi

Cloud-based for speedy deployment and unlimited scale

Best-in-class security to protect your users and data

Multiple guest Wi-Fi options including social, payment or credentialed access

Splash page to deliver a custom-branded experience

“Cognitive WiFi” delivers even more robust user experience

For Businesses & Marketing Leaders

Leverage Wi-Fi analytics to drive business outcomes, brand loyalty, and increased customer satisfaction 

Quickly and easily create splash pages without HTML knowledge or expertise

Provide personalized engagements and experiences for your guests

Incorporate guest engagement into digital marketing and sales campaigns

Measure effectiveness of your marketing activities using analytics


Highly-skilled engineers who are experts in designing, deploying, troubleshooting, and maintaining enterprise-class Wi-Fi networks

24x7 support ensuring prompt response to technical issues

Customized reports for compliance available daily, weekly, monthly with automatic email delivery

Managed options to fit your needs.  
Don’t see an option that meets your exact needs?  
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Best-in-Class Wi-Fi SecurityXXX
Fully Cloud Managed AP SupportXXX
“Always On” AP MonitoringXXX
Unlimited ScalabilityXXX
Seamless RoamingXXX
Proactive AP Monitoring and AlertingXXX
Issue & Root Cause Analysis & ReportingXXX
Advanced Wi-Fi & Customer Analytic ReportingXX
Guest Wi-Fi: Customized Customer Branding PageXX
Guest Wi-Fi: Social Media & SMS LoginXX
Role-Based User Access ControlXX
Google G-Suite & Bonjour Gateway IntegrationXX
Guest Wi-Fi: Splash Page DesignerX
Fully Customized Guest ExperienceX
Content Filtering / Stateful L3-L7 FirewallX
Third Party API IntegrationX
Presence, Social, Loyalty and Zone-based AnalyticX
Targeted Mobile AdvertisingX
Long-Range Site CoverageX
Wireless Signal IsolationX
Wi-Fi Controller IntegrationX

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